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What to Do if Your Air Conditioner Breaks Down

Air conditioners play a pivotal role in any household because of the comfort they provide. They keep your home warm during cold seasons and cool during warm seasons. You can buy one for a comfortable living environment. Air conditioners are also prone to certain damages. You should familiarize yourself with air conditioner common problems so that you may take swift action when you start experiencing them.

Signs of Air Conditioner Malfunctions

A breakdown of the air conditioner is accompanied by:

  • new strange soundsAC repair during operation (if the impeller or bearing is broken, the filter is dirty, the pipeline has lost its tightness, ice has accumulated, etc.),
  • leaks (if the drain hose is clogged, etc.),
  • arbitrary shutdowns (the unit overheats, the fan or control unit is faulty, the filter is dirty),
  • a sharp new smell (with the appearance of mold or the absence of a siphon in the drainage line),
  • condensation on the surface of the housing (when the evaporator filter and drainage system is clogged, when the unit is installed with an incorrect angle of inclination),
  • insufficient heating and cooling (if filters are dirty, fan, 4-way valve broken, etc.).

What to Do In case of a Breakdown

You should assess the situation of the damage before calling a repair expert. If you are not familiar with how your air conditioner works, you should let the repair expert carry out all the tasks.

Before trying to start repairs, the home craftsman must answer to himself if he has sufficient knowledge about the device. If the answer is yes, you need to choose one of three possible reasons for the breakdown of the unit: improper operation, installation errors, or factory defects. If the master can choose the right option, it will be clear whether to undertake an independent repair of the air conditioner or it will be more reliable to contact the service center.

Determination of the Causes of Breakdown

Split system breakdownsair conditioner fixing usually appear after improper installation and violations of operating rules. In addition, violations of scheduled maintenance times and low-quality consumables also lead to damage to the air conditioner. It is possible to independently eliminate some malfunctions in the functioning of the climate system, even if you do not have the professional knowledge and skills of a specialist.

It is possible to carry out preventive maintenance (for example, cleaning filters) and in this way prevent some malfunctions. But if you can’t fix the malfunction yourself, the best solution would be to contact a service workshop. This method will help to save the budget on the purchase of spare parts and further expensive repairs after unprofessional intervention in the operation of a complex device.…

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Five Compelling Reasons to Invest in a Gas Pool Heater

Having your own swimming pool is great, especially if you and your family members love to spend your time outdoors. This will give you an excellent way to cool off when the weather gets so humid. In fact, you can still swim in the water no matter what the season is as long as you have a gas pool heater. This device can certainly make the pool water a lot more comfortable.

If you don’t have a gas pool heater yet, here are the reasons why you should go ahead and invest in one:

Efficient Warming

You can expect that this type of pool heater can warm up the water in your swimming pool a lot faster than the other ones. This is due to the high level of heat that burning natural gas provides.

With this, you won’t have to wait for a long time before you can dive into your pool. You and your loved ones can then enjoy swimming in warm water for a few hours or even the whole day if you wish to.

Less Problems

Since gas heaters are so efficient in heating a swimming pool up, they don’t have to work as much as the electric ones do. This means that the chances of running into problems are a lot less. This also spares you from headaches and more money spent on repairs.

outdoor swimming pool


When compared to the electric pool heaters, the gas-fired ones are more economical. Aside from you won’t have to worry about expensive repairs, you will only need to use them once in a while too, which means more savings, especially when the prices of oil and gas are low.

Easy to Use

This kind of pool heater is quite easy to use too. You just have to ensure that it is filled up with gas, and you can push the power button so it can start its work. In about half an hour, the water in your swimming pool should be warm enough. This, of course, depends on the size too.


Like what we have said earlier, a gas heater warms up your pool’s water so you can comfortably swim in it even if the weather is cold. You don’t have to wait for the summertime to enjoy your swimming pool. You can then maximize your outdoor activities while spending some quality time with your family members as well as friends.…